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Dear Camp Staff Alum,  

Keep up to date on Camp Staff Alumni news.  Please forward this email to fellow former staffers who would like to subscribe.  In this email, you will find some great opportunities to help give back to Boston Minuteman Council scouting and the camp programs that influenced so many, by supporting programs that currently benefit knowledge and leadership skills among hundreds of scouts.

Camp Staff Reunion a Success


During August 2-3, about 50 camp staff alumni from Storer Reservation and Parker Mountain attended the annual staff reunion in Barnstead, NH.  Some brought their children, giving them an opportunity to see where their parents spent summers.

 Old friendships were re-affirmed, and old stories were remembered and shared throughout the weekend.  As always, Tony Morganelli, chairman of the event, did a fantastic job along with Dominic Ilacqua, membership chairman.


Program areas were open, and many alumni went swimming and boating, tried the rifle and archery ranges, and visited the climbing course.  Others went fishing or took walks around camp on old roads and trails, re-living memories and enjoying the great scenery.

Alumni watched as troops performed their weekly ceremony of
lowering the flag at the parade ground and received their recognition awards for accomplishments in camp.


The evening activities included an entertaining staff banquet with the alumni and 2014 staff -lobster, steak, potatoes, sweet corn, and incredible deserts.  Wow – the volunteer cooks did great!  A special thank you goes to Brian Lewis and Jamiesean Patterson.


Following the banquet, Nick Cortese hosted the alumni campfire.  Many alumni lead old camp songs and cheers; the current staff joined the fun, making their contributions as well.  Gerry Boyle lead everyone in the traditional song, “On My Honor.”


Bruce Colvin spoke at the end of the campfire, describing the history of Native Americans and early settlers in Barnstead.  He stressed the importance of conserving the camp’s natural resources and being stewards of the land, while respecting the spirit of the Native Americans who once lived there.  He thanked the current staff for an outstanding effort and challenged everyone to encourage alumni to attend the 2015 reunion.


Spirit Award Winners


The Alumni Association recognizes a current staff member and an alumnus each year for their contributions and unselfish leadership while on camp staff.  These two “Spirit Awards” were presented at the reunion.


One award went to 2014 staff member, Joseph Dailey, for his outstanding contributions to quality programs and willingness to help scouts achieve.  Joe developed a program tailored to older scouts; it is hoped that this program will expand in future years. 


The Association also recognized Gerry Boyle, former staff member at Parker Mountain and Storer Reservation spanning seven years, his last position being Camp Director at Adams Pond in 1971.  Gerry had a long career as a colonel in the Marine Corps and currently is the Presiding Justice in the Concord NH District Court.  Gerry remains actively involved in multiple leadership roles within Scouting, on the local and national level.  He spoke at the banquet about the importance of leadership as a camp staff member.  

Parker Mountain Field Trip


On Sunday morning following the reunion, about a dozen alumni took a field trip to Parker Mountain Scout Reservation where they served during the 1960s-1990s. The camp is now leased by the Council as Camp Beam, a summer arts camp.  Memories of program activities, staff areas, campsites, waterfronts on Little and Big Willey ponds, the parade ground at the dining hall, and the start of trails leading to the mica mine, Ledges, and Evans Mountain were all revisited. The scouting spirit, and echoes of troops, remains present among the campsites and buildings.


It was a great time – with alumni even re-enacting a skit at the campfire circle.  Remember this one – a staff member emerges from the woods slowly repeating “28 – 28 – 28” and wanders towards the pond edge; a second staff member jumps up from the audience and walks to the pond edge and questions “what’s going on” while looking into the pond – just to find himself pushed into the pond by the first staff member – who then turns and slowly walks away repeating, “29 – 29 – 29.”


We are planning another field trip to Parker Mountain following the alumni reunion next August. Spread the word and get ready!

Summer Camp History


The Camp Staff Alumni Association covers all summer camps under the historic umbrella of Boston Minuteman Council, including camps affiliated with Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Minuteman, Quannapowitt, Fellsland, and Sachem councils that merged over time; the result being Boston Minuteman Council.  This consolidation, spanning 55 years, reflects economic decisions related to operations and property management, as well as membership levels now versus the 1960s-1980s.


Storer Reservation (Adams Pond and Wild Goose), Parker Mountain, Sachem, Quinapoxet, Massasoit, Sayre, Loon Pond, and Fellsland are camps associated with those historic councils, of which only Storer Reservation in Barnstead NH remains active with a summer program for Boy Scouts.  In addition to Storer Reservation, Parker Mountain in Barnstead NH remains available for off-season camping, and Camp Sayre at the Council headquarters in Milton provides weekend camping year-round.


Regardless of the camp where you served on staff, the Alumni Association is for all former camp staff, with the goal to support Scouting, leadership development, and summer camp programs.   Not surprisingly, alumni have found common ground when sharing stories and program ideas, regardless of the camp where they once served.  It’s still scout camp, and there remains opportunity for alumni to enjoy the feeling of entering summer camp, sharing memories, and contributing once again.


Just think — collectively, alumni from various decades and camps can share their greatest program successes and best practices, as well as their professional skills, to help make camp operations incredible for the scouts who attend today.  Please participate as you can — and help find former staff to expand the alumni membership directory!





The Alumni Association is updating its membership directory.  If you can locate a former staff member, or have contact information to update for yourself, please contact Dom Ilacqua at dilacqua@comcast.net or Bruce Colvin at bacolvin@juno.com (781-910-7368).  Help make sure that you and others are on the distribution list for newsletters and event announcements.


The Camp Staff Alumni Association was formed in 2007; it includes all camps historically part of Boston Minuteman Council: Adams Pond, Wild Goose, Parker Mountain, Sachem, Loon Pond, Massasoit, Sayre, Fellsland, and Quinapoxet.  In fact, former camp staff from any Council are welcome.  The leadership team built the organization, established roles and responsibilities, and continues to organize successful projects and reunions. Most importantly, a positive and credible relationship has been built with the Council and current camp staff. Together, we did it!

Please do not hesitate to contact a Board member to share ideas and suggestions, volunteer, or make a donation. Board members include Bruce Colvin (chairman), Nick Cortese (Council interface), Dom Ilacqua (membership), John Collins (Website), Lee Vergnani (Treasurer), Tony Morganelli (Reunion Committee), Greg Boyd (Projects). Board members also include the alumni Scoutmaster representing each decade, and volunteers for that role are needed.


Have you visited our website at:  www.bmccampstaffalumni.org    


Get involved in some way. Think about the Alumni Association motto:

        “We will give back to camp more than camp gave to us.”





Bruce Colvin

Chairman, Camp Staff Alumni Association


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