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Dear Camp Staff Alum,  

Keep up to date on Camp Staff Alumni news.  Please forward this email to fellow former staffers who would like to subscribe.  In this email, you will find some great opportunities to help give back to Boston Minuteman Council scouting and the camp programs that influenced so many, by supporting programs that currently benefit knowledge and leadership skills among hundreds of scouts.

Alumni Board Meets with Council Exec.

The Board Meeting for the Camp Staff Alumni Association was held March 23 to review alumni involvement and camp activities with Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive.  The Council is having great success with weekend camping and participation at Camp Sayre in Milton, believed to be a stepping stone for building greater camp attendance and participation at Storer Scout Reservation during the summer.   The Council intends to give Storer more focus as membership grows, using Camp Sayre as a gateway to camp programs in NH.  The financial future is looking good for the Council beyond 2014, and opportunities for investment by Alumni and the Council at Storer Scout Reservation are stronger as a result.

The Board reviewed proposed projects for fundraising, ways to support the current staff through donation of supplies and equipment needed for program areas, work days to help with camp maintenance and preparation for summer, and social events to include the annual summer reunion and a winter social for current staff members and alumni.

Alumni Funded Projects in 2013-2014

Funds donated by Alumni were used for two major projects in 2013.   These are a new rifle range, to compliment the archery range constructed in 2011, and rehabilitation of the parade ground at the center of camp by the dining hall.   The rifle and archery ranges permanently establish improved facilities for those sports.


The parade ground project will make a great difference on first-impressions by parents and visitors.  No longer will troops be saluting at flag ceremonies standing within a wind-swept soil surface, but rather within a grass in-field appropriate for the respectful raising and lowering of the colors each day.

In addition to the parade ground, alumni funded a metal roof for the Adams office building. This completes replacement of old shingled roofs in the center of camp with more enduring (and matching) green metal roofs to protect those structures.  


Provisional Scoutmaster Needed

Would you like to give back to camp by mentoring the provisional scout troop (Troop 1 Storer) for a week or more this summer?  Chuck Eaton is challenging the Alumni to help the summer camp program by serving as a scoutmaster for Troop 1 Storer.  The Alumni have been outspoken about the need to support and better develop the provisional program as part of growing the attendance at Storer, including designating and investing in a high quality camp site for that Troop to attract and sustain scout and staff participation.  If you could fill the role of scoutmaster during July, even for one week, please let us know.  This is important to the Council, the Alumni mission, and the scouts who come to camp independent of their home troop to participate in a troop formed at camp.  If you are thinking about it – then don’t hesitate to make a call.  Please step up!  Contact Chuck Eaton at or 617-615-0004.

Investment in Scouting Basics


The Camp Staff Alumni Association will be focusing on scouting basics in 2014-2016 when investing in camp improvements and programming.  As part of that commitment, the Association has recommended to the Council that a new and dynamic Scoutcraft Area be constructed and the Nature/Ecology Area be re-established at its dedicated site. Both will give emphasis to adventure and exploration. 


The Scoutcraft Area planning includes a gateway, teaching areas, storage building, model camp site, cooking area, pioneering structures, and ax yard.  Ideas from other scouting facilities and best practices are being sought.  Fundraising and design for the Scoutcraft Area will occur in 2014, with construction planned in 2015.  Did you serve on camp staff in Scoutcraft? – We need your ideas and donations!


The Nature/Ecology Area planning includes a gateway, science center building, multiple teaching areas, observation tower, wetland/wildlife ecology arena, and various displays.  Ideas from other science centers and scouting facilities are being sought.  Preliminary design will be completed in 2014, with fundraising and final design in 2015.  Construction will be completed in 2016 and, when finished, this facility will highlight the natural resources and ecology of the Reservation and be a stepping-off point for exploring its forests, ponds, and wetlands.  Did you serve on camp staff in Nature? – We need your ideas and donations!

How do I make a Donation?


Make checks payable to Boston Minuteman Council and note on the check’s memo line: Camp Staff Alumni Association.  Identify on the correspondence accompanying the check that the funds are for projects identified by the Alumni Association, which would include the new Scoutcraft and Nature areas.


Mail the check to:  Boston Minuteman Council, Camp Staff Alumni Association, 411 Unquity Road, Milton, MA 02186.


If possible, send an email to Lee Vergnani, the Alumni Association Treasurer, to alert him that a donation has been made.  He’ll then track it through the Council.   His email address is:


All donations are tax deductible.  Thanks – and please take time to give back in some way.  You will enjoy the sights of alumni-funded facilities and knowing the benefit to scouts.

A Day of Service


The Alumni Association is sponsoring a “Day of Service” in June for alumni to spend a Saturday at camp helping preparations for the camp season.  This year, the date will be June 28.  Alumni will be leveling and configuring tent platforms, clearing tree limbs, and performing other tasks to help make camp sites look sharp for arriving scouts and parents.  We need your help, and it’s only one day of exercise in the forest – leaving you with Sunday to rest up.  We hope to have some current staff to work alongside us, as an opportunity to build teamwork and connect the past with the present. Please email Nick Cortese if you want to be on the list of attendees for this event and receive details:  Hope to see you there.

Save the Date!

The annual reunion event for Camp Staff Alumni will be held the weekend of August 2.  All past staff members, and the current staff, are welcome to attend.  Detailed announcements will follow during June.


This year, the alumni honoree will be Gerry Boyle who worked at both Parker Mountain and Storer Scout Reservation, 1965-1971, his last position being Camp Director at Adams Pond.  Gerry served in the Marine Corps, is a judge in the Concord NH court system, and remains actively involved in Scouting.


Please plan to attend; last year’s event was great fun.  Come meet the current staff and old friends — walk the trails, enjoy the lobster and steak banquet, and maybe take a dip in the pond.  Plan your schedule to be there; families are welcome.  Questions?  Write to





August  2 – 3   2014

T. L. Storer Scout Reservation

Barnstead, New Hampshire

Leadership and Contribution


The Alumni Association is comprised of Alumni Troops representing different decades of camp service.   As with any organization, there is an ongoing need for folks to take leadership roles and help with various tasks.  If you want to have a leadership role for the decade in which you participated, or just help with certain tasks, please contact Bruce Colvin at   There’s something for everyone – from work weekend and social events, sharing of technical expertise and skills, or making a material or financial donation.  It all means giving back, even if just in small ways.  The current staff and scouts who attend camp can benefit widely.

Merit Badge University


Merit Badge University is an event held annually by the Council.  It was held this year at Harvard University and brings together scouts and specialists (Merit Badge Counsellors) for intense focus on specific merit badges.  This year, it was attended by 450 scouts, and three Camp Staff Alumni participated: Larry Kelly (Legal), Nick Cortese (Paper) and Steve Wallace (Criminology).  Many thanks to these Alumni for donating their time to aid more than 450 scouts who attended their merit badge classes.  We hope that other Camp Staff Alumni will follow your lead in 2015.

The concept of a Camp Staff Alumni Association began late summer 2007 and, since that time, more than 200 alumni have joined the Association. The beginning years involved defining the organization, establishing roles and responsibilities, having successful projects and reunions, and setting up the website and financial management. Most importantly, it involved building a positive and credible relationship with Boston Minuteman Council and the current camp staff. Together, we did it!

Please do not hesitate to contact a Board member to share ideas and suggestions, volunteer, or make a donation.
Board members include Bruce Colvin (chairman), Nick Cortese (Council interface), Dom Ilacqua (membership), John Collins (Website), Lee Vergnani (Treasurer), Tony Morganelli (Reunion Committee), Greg Boyd (Projects).  Board members also include the alumni Scoutmaster representing each decade, and volunteers for that role are needed. See the alumni website for details.


Have you visited our website at:    


Get involved in some way. Think about the Alumni Association motto:

        “We will give back to camp more than camp gave to us.”





Bruce Colvin

Chairman, Camp Staff Alumni Association

Boston Minuteman Council | 411 Unquity Rd | Milton | MA | 02186

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