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Dear Camp Staff Alum,

Keep up to date on Camp Staff Alumni news.  Please forward this email to fellow former staffers who would like to subscribe.  In this email, you will find some great opportunities to help give back to our camp which we love so dearly.

2013 Camp Staff Reunion – A Great Success!

On the weekend of August 3-4, about 70 camp staff alumni from Storer Reservation and Parker Mountain attended the annual staff reunion in Barnstead, NH.  Some brought their children, giving them an opportunity to see where their parents spent their summers.


Old friendships were re-affirmed, and old stories were remembered and shared throughout the weekend.  As always, Tony Morganelli, chairman of the event, did a fantastic job along with Dominic Ilacqua, membership chairman.


Program areas were open and many took the opportunity to try the rifle and archery ranges, climbing course, and swimming and boating at the waterfront.  Others took walks around camp on old roads and trails, re-living memories and enjoying the great scenery.


Alumni watched troops “lower the Colors” at the parade ground.  They also attended a memorial service held at the staff memorial site in the historic Nature Area, where the roll call of lost staff members was read and the enduring spirit of their contributions was shared.


The evening activities included an entertaining staff banquet, with the alumni and 2013 staff -lobster, steak, potatoes, and sweet corn.  Wow – the volunteer cooks did great!  A special thank you goes to Brian Lewis and Jamiesean Patterson.


Following the banquet, Nick Cortese lead the alumni campfire.  Many alumni got up and lead old camp songs and cheers; the current staff joined the fun, making their contributions as well.


Bruce Colvin spoke at the end of the campfire and said: “the spirit of friendship and leadership from decades of camp staff resides in the hills around Adams Pond and Wild Goose.”  He challenged everyone to reach out and encourage other alumni to attend the 2014 reunion.

Spirit Award Winners

The Alumni Association recognizes a current staff member and an alumnus each year for their contributions while on camp staff.  These two “Spirit Awards” were presented at the reunion.


One award went to 2013 staff member, Jacob Westerman, for his outstanding contributions to quality programs and willingness to help scouts achieve.  The Association also recognized Bill Sullivan, former Reservation Director, who was on staff for 10 years and currently is CEO at the Ronald McDonald House in New York City.  Staff alumni, including Bill Dwyer, Chuck Eaton, and Charlie Rogers paid tribute to Bill, who spoke about how Scouting and summer camp had influenced his life.


Andrea Toto Flagg, daughter of Tony Toto for whom the Spirit Awards are named, was at the reunion to help make the presentations.

Staff Alumni Support Improvements at Storer Reservation

Alumni funds are being used in 2013 to complete construction of a new Rifle Range in the location that the first 16-point range was built in 1974 by multiple camp staff.  This is a follow-on project to the construction of a new Archery Range completed in 2011 with Alumni support and will give the camp two great new facilities for scouts to enjoy in 2014.

The Alumni Association committed this year to help fund restoration of the parade ground in the center of camp, where troops and staff assemble before meals.  In 1958, when the camp opened, this area was covered by asphalt so a large tent could be placed when the original dining hall burned down.  The asphalt was removed in recent years leaving an unsightly wind-swept soil surface that can blow dust into the current dining hall.  However, thanks to Alumni donations, the area is now being professionally landscaped and will formalize the center of camp.  It should be a great improvement and give a “wow” effect to parents who attend closing ceremonies there on Saturday mornings during camp.  As part of that project, Alumni also are funding a new metal roof on the Adams Camp Office, consistent with other roofs in the center of camp completed previously with Alumni support.

So what’s next?  The Association will be helping plan and fund a new Scoutcraft Area and revitalization of the dedicated Nature Area.  Both will be dynamic program areas where scouts can build skills and stretch their imagination.  Yes — we’ll need your help and donations to make both happen.

Making a Donation

Consider the importance that summer camp and Scouting had in your life, the skills developed and the incredible memories.  Paying back is a matter of paying forward – meaning giving now so that others can have similar experiences and opportunities.  In doing so, the pride of being on camp staff comes back to life.

Importantly, help empower the current camp staff with the resources and facilities to make a difference in the lives of every scout that passes down the road, through the camp gate, to their camp site and program areas.  Sustainability of the camp requires active alumni participation, and we hope you will take a minute to make a donation to help.  All donations are welcome, appreciated, and tax deductable.

Alumni donations are held in an alumni Capital Improvement account for Storer Reservation at the Boston Minuteman Council.  The Alumni Association considers possible projects in consultation with the Council Executive and Properties Committee; funds are released for specific projects when approved by the Association’s Board.

So, I want to make a donation.  How do I address the check, and where do I send it?

Address the Check to:

“Boston Minuteman Council” and write “Camp Staff Alumni” in the memo field.

Mail the Check to:

Boston Minuteman Council

Camp Staff Alumni Association

411 Unquity Road

Milton, MA 02186

Want to be a Provisional Scoutmaster at Camp?

The Alumni Association is promoting the importance of a strong Provisional Scouting program at Storer, to give scouts greater opportunity to attend camp for longer duration’s each summer or opportunity to attend when their troops are unable to do so as a unit. 

This strategy is intended to improve camp attendance and provide opportunities for fast-tracking leadership growth and advancing ranks among participating scouts.  Long-term campers with demonstrated scouting and leadership skills can be a great resource when it comes time to recruit future camp staff.

Alumni suggestions have included identifying Provisional as “Troop 1 Storer” with unique T-shirts to build unity and pride, having a quality and dedicated camp site for the troop, dynamic staff leadership to guide Troop 1, and a challenging program for participants.

In response, the Scout Executive, Chuck Eaton, has asked the Alumni Association to canvass its membership and help find a Staff Alumnus willing to take the role of Provisional Scoutmaster for one or more weeks during the five-week camp season.  The Scoutmaster would be paired with a current staff member, who would be the Assistant Scoutmaster.

Want to go back to camp and contribute to this important program, even for a week?  Email Gary Silvia at  gsilvia@bsaboston.org and help make the camp experience great for scouts, while making a long-term difference in the camp operation.

Alumni Association Agrees to Help Purchase Program Supplies

In a recent meeting with the Council’s Scout Executive, Chuck Eaton, Association Board members agreed that event fees remaining after the annual Reunion at camp would be used for the purchase of supplies and equipment for program areas.  We look forward to seeing program staff making their wish lists for 2014 and the opportunity to support them in their efforts to deliver great programs.

The concept of a Camp Staff Alumni Association began late summer 2007 and, since that time, more than 200 alumni have joined the Association. The beginning years involved defining the organization, establishing roles and responsibilities, having successful projects and reunions, and setting up the website and financial management. Most importantly, it involved building a positive and credible relationship with Boston Minuteman Council and the current camp staff. Together, we did it!

Please do not hesitate to contact a Board member to share ideas and suggestions, volunteer, or make a donation.
Board members include Bruce Colvin (chairman), Nick Cortese (Council interface), Dom Ilacqua (membership), John Collins (Website), Bill Boylan (Finance Committee), Tony Morganelli and Larry Kelly(Reunion Committee), Tim Roche (Work Weekend Committee – the “Warriors”), and Greg Boyd.  Board members also include the alumni Scoutmaster representing each decade, and volunteers for that role are needed. See the alumni website for details.


Have you visited our website at:  www.bmccampstaffalumni.org    


Get involved in some way. Think about the Alumni Association motto:

        “We will give back to camp more than camp gave to us.”



Bruce Colvin

Chairman, Camp Staff Alumni Association




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