Since 2008, the Camp Staff Alumni Association has provided extensive leadership and invested significantly in the infrastructure, maintenance, and appearance of Storer Scout Reservation.

 The first priority for Camp Staff Alumni was to stabilize existing structures and begin improving the overall appearance of the camp as part of a long-term investment strategy. Along the way, it was hoped that the alumni work ethic, skills, and financial donations, combined with historic knowledge of the camp and its construction, would benefit the current staff and Council — and set a positive example.

By 2013, it was clear that the Camp Staff Alumni Association had made a tremendous difference in the camp’s appearance, program areas, and infrastructure. Most importantly, scouts attending camp are benefiting from the efforts and knowledge of alumni staff members.

The first activity by alumni was to assess every building on the Reservation and begin long-term planning for investment. Alumni began work in 2008 with construction of two staff cabins at the Goose, roofing and repairs at the Director’s cabin, rehabilitation of the cook’s cabin, and numerous smaller projects throughout Adams and the Goose. Subsequently, Alumni Association members rehabilitated the Adams waterfront and the Goose building, installed metal roofs on multiple buildings, constructed a new archery range with a building and teaching pavilion, renovated and re-established the handicraft building at its original site, helped establish a scoutmaster’s lodge, and used plenty of paint.

The next project in which the Alumni have invested significantly is a new rifle range, to be completed for the 2014 season. Multiple other projects are being proposed and considered by the Camp Staff Alumni Association, including investment in the Adams parade ground, camp site improvements, a gateway at the camp entrance, and a nature education area.

None of this would have been possible without alumni donations, planning, skilled labor, and historic knowledge. Membership recruitment, organization, and financial management have been important underlying elements of the projects planned and performed by the Alumni Association.

Many thanks to the dozens of alumni who have helped by donating money, materials, and time — as well as those alumni involved with managing the Association’s fund-raising and membership. The camp progressively is being refurbished and improved in a sustainable way.


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