Camp Staff Alumni Association
Boston Minuteman Council
Board Meeting: March 24, 2013
2:00 – 4:45 PM; Milton, MA

Attendees: Greg Boyd, Bruce Colvin, Nick Cortese, Chuck Eaton, Dom Ilacqua, Larry Kelly, Tony
Morganelli, Tim Roche.

Council and Camp Status
Chuck Eaton, Scout Executive, reviewed Council activities and status:

  • Although annual scout recruitment and corporate support were strong in 2011/2012, they currently are down about 40% and 20%, respectively.
  • The focus on Camp Sayre as a weekend camping destination is working, with the camp being well booked and generating a profit. Facility improvements remain a priority.
  • Nine lots at Camp Massasoit are being sold (40 of 280 acres) to generate revenue and help reduce Council debt.
  • Projects at Storer Reservation will be restricted by Council revenue; the strategy is to first stabilize Camp Sayre and resolve Council debt. Attendance at Storer is projected to exceed 2012 with specialty activities such as horseback riding.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • B. Colvin lead a discussion on the distribution of responsibilities among Board members and the need to maximize participation and skills of each Board member.
  • Board members and their roles were discussed as follows: Bruce Colvin (chairman), Nick Cortese (Council interface), Dom Ilacqua (membership), John Collins (Website), Bill Boylan (Finance Committee), Tony Morganelli and Larry Kelly (Reunion Committee), Tim Roche (Work Weekend Committee – the “Warriors”), and Greg Boyd (Special projects – e.g., Wall of Fame in dining hall). The Scoutmaster for each decade also will be a Board member, and the group discussed the need to get those decade scoutmasters defined and involved.

Alumni Participation

  • The Board discussed the need for the Association to have a well-rounded approach to aiding the Council, in addition to the focus on Storer Reservation and summer camping there. Examples include participation in Merit Badge University, special events, Council committees, mentoring staff, providing technical/professional skills, and projects at Camp Sayre and Storer Reservation.


  • • Lengthy discussion occurred regarding the need for regular and high-quality communication methods for the alumni membership (newsletters, brochures, postings, website).
  • Alumni email addresses will be provided to the Council, and the Association will use a newsletter format consistent with that used by the Council. N. Cortese and B. Colvin will collate and edit articles for the newsletter. N. Cortese will work directly with the Council on newsletter preparation and distribution. Broadcast notifications to all alumni will occur through the newsletters, rather than emails. The newsletter will reference the alumni website for additional information, when needed.
  • The need for an alumni logo was discussed to make the newsletter and mailings distinct;the camp gate drawing was suggested as a symbol.
  • The need to maintain the website up-to-date also was discussed, as a source of detailed information on events and the organization. The website also could have a list of names of those who have joined the Association. Newsletters will be archived on the website. Information will be passed to J. Collins for posting.
  • Facebook can be used for day-to-day photos and informal communication. T. Morganelli and C. Eaton will follow-up on identifying someone to help with that.
  • G. Boyd agreed to take responsibility for the “Wall of Fame” that he created in the Storer dining hall, including updating alumni postings and plaques. This communication tool will help keep current staff, leaders, and camp visitors apprised of the alumni organization and camp history.


  • D. Ilacqua discussed consolidating various membership lists, and T. Roche will send his lists to D. Ilacqua. The consolidated list will be completed in April, provided to the Council, and used for the newsletter distribution.
  • A future newsletter article will request updated information on all members; the membership list will need ongoing management to keep it current.
  • Increasing membership from recent decades was discussed. Decade-specific scoutmasters must be recruited, and the newsletter is expected to help.
  • The Board discussed the 2013 Tony Toto Spirit Award nominees. Bill Sullivan, a Reservation Director in the 1980s and who served on camp staff for 10 years, was selected to receive the award during the 2013 Alumni Weekend. B. Colvin will continue to handle the annual Spirit Awards, one for an alumni and one for a current staff member.

Finance Committee

  • B. Boylan continues to manage the alumni account, set up with the Council.
  • About $4-5K was raised through a mailing request to alumni in October 2012.
  • T. Morganelli discussed having a fall “Comedy Night” as a fundraising event; he will take the initial lead on that.
  • Funds generated during alumni social events will be invested in alumni-prioritized projects and provide startup funding for subsequent events.

Alumni Weekend Committee – Social Events

  • T. Morganelli discussed the Alumni Weekend event, anticipated to be August 3. He will be the point of contact for all issues related to the Alumni Weekend.
  • The 2012 event had 53 participants, including children of alumni; the Board discussed the importance of increasing attendance in 2013.
  • The Alumni Weekend will be advertised and enforced as a “no alcohol” event, consistent with Council policy. Board members accepted responsibility to enforce that policy.
  • Committee meetings will be scheduled; it is hoped that younger alumni will get involved.
  • The need for an improved invitation brochure was discussed, consistent with other Council advertising flyers.
  • T. Roche noted that the Memorial Service held Sunday mornings was desired. It was not held in 2012 because the Alumni Weekend ended Saturday night. The committee will review sustaining that event.
  • The need to include staff from councils consolidated into Boston Minuteman Council was discussed, such as Quinapoxet Council.
  • The value of a winter social event was discussed. T. Roche had facilitated one in December 2012. L. Kelly noted that proposed dates and locations can be passed to him for follow-up and advertisement.

Work Weekend Committee – “Warriors”

  • T. Roche discussed the Work Weekend meeting and dinner event organized by him at Camp Sayre, to be held right after the Board meeting. He would review the 2013 projects with the attendees.
  • T. Roche reviewed projects with the Board as follows. The Camp Sayre kitchen and quartermaster shop renovations are complete. The Order of the Arrow chapel at Storer, although not an alumni project, will have the last 15% completed with help from the Weekend Warriors. The rifle range project will begin right after the 2013 camping season with demolition, earthworks, concrete pour, and framing. The plan is to finish that work by Thanksgiving.
  • T. Roche explained that in spring 2014 the teaching pavilion and shot gun range would be constructed, completing the rifle range facilities.
  • The Board discussed allocation of contractor tasks versus tasks to be performed by alumni, stressing best use of resources and ability to meet schedules. Tree work, concrete work, and earthworks will be performed by a local contractor to be procured by the Council.
  • C. Eaton noted that there is about $22K of alumni funds available, and $25K from the Potterfield Foundation, providing adequate funding for the rifle range project.
  • T. Roche explained that the primary Work Weekend for alumni would be right before staff week. He will schedule other work weekends this spring; winter snow has slowed access.
  • Future possible projects at Storer were discussed. There was general consensus on the need for rehabilitating camp sites and upgrading/replacing latrines using a standardized approach. Other topics discussed included a camp gateway, parade ground improvement, horse stable, and using the cabin from SOAR as a possible parking lot seasonal facility. Improvements at program areas will remain an annual consideration based on Council needs.
  • T. Roche agreed to prepare a look-ahead project list for Board review and subsequent planning / fund-raising discussions among alumni and the Council.

Following the meeting, Board members participated in a 5:00 PM dinner meeting at Camp Sayre
attended by about 40 people (alumni, Council representatives, 2013 camp staff) invited by T.
Roche, who described work projects for 2013. N. Cortese described to attendees the ongoing
Alumni work with the Council, and B. Colvin described the outcome of the Board meeting.

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