Title: Week-End Warriors Work Weekend
Location: TL Storer Reservation – Barnstead NH
Description: October 22nd – 24th will be our next Weekend Warriors Work Weekend.
We need as many volunteers as possible.

Please contact me by e-mail or cell phone to confirm you can joins us. That way I can make arrangements for lodging and set up project lists. There is something for everyone to do no matter what your skills are. Please get hold of me as soon as you can.

Tim Roche
413-658-5980 – cell
Start Date: 2010-10-22
End Date: 2010-10-24

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  1. Nice Job Everyone !!! The rain couldn’t stop us !!!!
    We battled through the rain all day Saturday but we made huge progress…
    Thanx to all who helped out …Now lets keep it going !! Anyone who joined us this past weekend,
    we hope to see you next weekend… If you couldn’t join us this past weekend, please come up an help out this coming weekend…
    It’s coming out awesome…everyone should be very proud…
    We got the trusses all up on the range itself and the roof on the equipment shed as well…
    We had a handful of devoted warriors stay Sunday a half day and got the post frame up for the pavilion…
    Time to roof the range and truss and roof the pavilion….
    I’m heading up Tuesday night late for a full work day on Wednesday for anyone who would like to join in…
    I’ll be there through Sunday with some helpers dropping in mid week to lend a hand and hopefully
    we’ll have another big crew come help with the big final push this coming weekend…
    once again, I have to ask for all your help…if you can make time, please do…camp opens soon and we’re almost there…
    please come lend us some helping hands….
    You want to get pumped up and see what is actually being built, go to Joe Curran’s face book page and see the 3 great videos
    he has posted for everyone to see the progress….Again, we’re almost there and we need everyone’s help….
    For all of those who couldn’t make any of our long cold winter trips, now is the time to step it up….
    we can use everyone from carpenters to painters to landscapers to laborers….all skill levels…
    I will be away from computer service after tomorrow morning…I if you want to reply to this and let me know if you can make that would be great….
    Phone calls work as well or TXT msgs as well…just please let me know so we have plenty of food for everyone…
    again, I can’t thank you all enough but lets not fall short…we are on the brink of completion…we need you… come be a part of something
    big….do it for the kids….
    Hope everyone is well….and thanx again,

    Tim Roche

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