Weekend Warriors

Whomever would like to join the weekend warriors for an unofficial work weekend in march…..
we are looking at either the weekend of March 19th or March 26th….
Please chime in and let me know what weekend works for any of you…
we will pick the weekend that works best for the most people….
thanx…hope everyone is well….
Tim Roche

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  1. Ya the 19th and the 26th both work for me. See you there.

  2. Just letting you all know when my unofficial work weekends are so that you can make plans to joins us if you can.
    April 9, 10, 11….will be one of the work weekends and April 30. May 1st and May 2nd will be another depending on how much feedback I get….so please get back to me on these weekends whomever is interested in joining us for those weekends should contact me to let me know what dates they are thinking of coming up. I will make the arrangements….
    I can be contacted at 413-658-5980 or e-mail me @ rocheti@charter.net

    Thanx and hope all is well….

    Tim Roche

  3. Tony Morganelli Lets get the stories straight. The Boston-Minuteman Council Camp Staff Alumni was established to include the Summer Camp Staff Alumni of ALL camps that operated from the old Boston Council, Mass Bay Federated Council, Minuteman Council, North Bay council and all councils that may have been consolidated as a result of …merger with the now Boaton Minuteman Council BSA.
    The scouts from the communities throughout the areas that these council served attend T.L. Storer Scour Reservation and all camp staff alumni are not only invited but encouraged to attend and become members. No one has fond memories like those of us who served as members of Summer Camp Staff. We seek to preserve those memories and the legacy which should be passed on,

    Please feel free to contact me @ tonymorganelli@comcast.net or log on to the web site bmccampstaff alumni.org for more information.

    Tony Morganelli

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